Press backlash after Sunday Supplement debacle

Feb 05, 01:45 AM
You really can't write it at West Ham.

At a time when a bit of positive PR would have done David Gold, David Sullivan and Karren Brady the world of good, the Hammers decide to issue the first legal complaint Sky Sports' Sunday Supplement programme has ever had. 

The seemingly petty nature of the challenge at a time when there are surely more important things to worry about - like impending relegation from the Premier League for example - sparked a thoroughly unsurprising backlash from the mainstream media.

The Guardian's Jonathan Liew called the club a "shambles" and the Telegraph's Matt Law suggested "everyone has their hands in the till" on the show and this clearly rankled.

But now the great and the good of British sports journalism has come out in force against West Ham's board who seemed to be defending their egos and little else.

Well Will Pugh, James Jones and Tom Edwards put all that to rights as well as reviewing Liverpool and Brighton, previewing Man City and of course doing the rogue players quiz.

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