On the Road to Baku. China won’t let Canadians leave Wuhan. Charles Burton @cburton001

Feb 06, 03:58 AM
Image:  The Deserted Hankow Bund, China, 1911

Black and white lantern slide showing Hankow (Hankou) Bund with few pedestrians, and boats on the Yangtze (Changjiang) river. After Hankou was opened up to foreign trade in 1862, foreign concessions lined up along the Yangtze on Hankou Bund, and this strip would have been a bustling business area in more peaceful times. This slide comes from a collection held by the Church of Scotland and generated by the medical missionary Charles Somerville, who worked for the London Missionary Society in Hankou from 1904 to 1914.

Photographer: Unknown

Filename: IMP-CSWC47-LS1-45.tif

Coverage date: 1911

Subject (unesco): Revolutions; Political movements

Part of collection: International Mission Photography Archive, ca.1860-ca.1960

Part of subcollection: Photographs from the Centre for the Study of World Christianity, University of Edinburgh, U.K., ca.1900-ca.1940s

Repository name: Centre for the Study of World Christianity

Archival file: Volume4/IMP-CSWC47-LS1-45.tif

Geographic subject (city or populated place): Wuhan

Repository address: The University of Edinburgh School of Divinity, New College, Mound Place, Edinburgh EH1 2LX, United Kingdom

Geographic subject (country): China

Format (aacr2): lantern slides 8.2 x 8.2cm

Geographic subject (continent): Asia

Rights: Contact the repository for details.

Part of series: Church of Scotland Slide and Visual Collection; Charles Somerville (CSWC47-LS1)

Charles Burton, senior Fellow at the Centre for Advancing Canada's Interests Abroad at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, in re: The coronavirus outbreak. Canada hasn't been able to evacuate her citizens from Wuhan because of complicated political relations — probably in order to get Meng back to China. Canadians are being rated poorly in Wuhan. Chinese people’s traditional understanding is that natural [disasters] are harbingers of the end of a dynasty, her, an end to the Xi dynasty. Chinese govt is now cracking down on citizens.   Also: bird flu, swine flue, and other maladies emanating from live annual markets, which the government has not controlled.