On the Road to Baku. Actual Chinese concentration (quarantine) camps (with tents) of returning migrant Chinese workers Arthur Waldron: @PennSAS, #China @GordonGChang @TheDailyBeast

Feb 06, 03:59 AM

Arthur Waldron, Lauder Professor of International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania, on the cause of the coronavirus outbreak and the breakdown of trust and social cohesion. China is establishing vast concentration camps for workers who may possibly have contracted Wuhan coronavirus; everyone sent to tents in fields with drainage ditches for sanitary functions. Everyone held for two weeks; anyone with no symptoms than allowed to go back tot his factory; if ill, sent on to ”a different place.”  So far: 54,000 sick, 25,000 deaths.  Like the terrible plagues of the T`ang Dynasty in the 700s.