On the Road to Baku. Hong Kong quickly deports Michael Yon, the truthful observer. @MichaelYon

Feb 06, 03:59 AM
Image:  The American author and blogger Michael Yon

Michael Yon, Hong Kong reporter, in re:  Michael landed in Hong Kong to return to his job, was kicked out (“deported”) for no evident reason; is back in Thailand. In the airport, he was taken to a private room, interviewed extensively, refused information on why he was being deported.  After all the other matters, only truth-telling and transparency will help the Chinese people.   Behind all this, the govt intends to remove anyone who can broadcast truth to the world: it's in meltdown from coronavirus, the other illnesses, the Taiwan elections, the Hong Kong rebellion — a perfect storm showing the vast incompetence and opacity of Beijing.  The officials demanded Michael sign documents, which he declined to do, and that he cease recording, although he had other machines running so the story instantly went viral.  Michael will immediately head to Taiwan.  The authorities are moving against those who tell the truth; it’s dangerous.  The concentration camps with tents are a perfect breeding-ground for the virus.