On the Road to Baku. Azerbaijan: former Soviet state blooms into a real democracy @ElinSuleymanov

Feb 06, 04:57 AM
Image:  Coat of arms of Azerbaijan

Elin Suleymanov, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the United States; in re: The significance of the upcoming federal parliamentary elections: a demonstration of the transformation of a badly-abused Soviet client state into a democratic nation.  Much dynamism in Azerbaijan. Snap election; things changing rapidly; building up success making this a successful country. Young Western-educated candidates; hot debates for the 125 seats with 1,300-plus candidates. International an local observers.  Strong participation from both the cities and the villages.  Tural Karimli has applications from Russia, Israel, elsewhere, to open start-ups, especially tech. “We need to change the black gold [i.e., oil and gas] into human gold.” —Pres. Ilham Aliyev.   Baku has become a gem of a city regionally; is the capital the Caspian region as a whole.  Credit and financing programs.  The Central Election Commission