On the Road to Baku. Virus halts auto supply chain—& no more TP. Andrew Collier @acollier

Feb 06, 04:58 AM
Army truck manufacture (Dodge). In final assembly operation water is put in the radiator, gasoline in the fuel tank, so that each Dodge Army truck leaves the assembly line under its own power




Palmer, Alfred T., photographer
United States. Office for Emergency Management.


Detroit (Mich.), 42.33139, -83.04583

Andrew Collier, managing director of Orient Capital Research in Hong Kong and author of Shadow Banking and the Rise of Capitalism in China, in re:  The effect of the coronavirus epidemic on Hong Kong: shares in mainland toilet-paper factories fell as  surgical masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and even rice became scarce. Trade wars, protests, now the virus. Mild panic because no one knows where this is headed Many people are not leaving home much; activities curtailed.  As usual, Carrie Lam fails to rise to the challenge of the virus.  S&P global: disrupt automobile supply chain. Mainland committee of nine has exactly one health-care practitioner. Bad virus reporting on Mainland; good or questionable numbers of the ill in Hong Kong.