Should We Ditch Dairy

Feb 17, 12:30 AM
Whether its milk in your cereal, a delicious melted cheese toastie or ice cream many of us grew up on a diet laden with dairy and are continuing to consume it regularly. It is estimated that the UK dairy industry alone is worth a staggering £28 billion pounds and it plays a vital role in our nation’s food security. But, opinions on foods are changing more than ever before, and with this the scrutinisation of particular food groups. One of which is dairy, it is often bashed for being supposedly fattening and detrimental to our health, as well as the health of the planet. The question therefore arises as to how much dairy we should be getting in our diet. Joining me on the podcast is Dr Leigh Breen, Associate Professor in Metabolic and Molecular Physiology at The University of Birmingham, who has a special interest in dairy making him a perfectly placed guest to discuss this topic. For more information, visit and