Uppu Mutton Kari to Crab Rasam: The History of Tamil Nadu's Chettinad Cuisine

Feb 08, 2020, 05:10 AM
Chettinad cuisine can't be reduced to a one liner. It's got recipes that would sit well in a desert in Rajasthan. But also, some of the finest versions of fish gravies and prawn curries. You could dedicate a complete section to its offal menu, like brain masala and stomach sambols. Or drool over the legendary pepper chicken and prawn gravy. Yet, an elaborate vegetarian feast replete with baby potato fry will make the table groan. 

You'd think Chettinad cuisine is all about the hyper-local flavours, cooked in ancient, traditional methods. Until you taste the stodgy bread and butter putting, that's part of the 'Butler Cuisine' of the 'Chettinad Bangalas' aka bungalows.

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