We've waited 8 years for this - Spectator Mode Podcast Ep. 49

Feb 09, 08:15 PM
This episode of the Spectator Mode Podcast discusses the recent comments from Xbox's Phil Spencer on Xbox's cloud gaming stance. The public release of Nvidia's GeForce Now, EVO 2020's game selection decision, the Coronavirus's possible impact on gaming, Dan Houser leaving Rockstar Games and Blizzard's complete disregard for Warcraft 3 Reforged.

Oh, and our colorful commentary.


00:00 Intros and Games've played this past week
17:15 Xbox's Phil Spencer cloud gaming stance
26:30 Geforce now moves out of beta
34:53 Evo 2020 game selection thoughts
48:18 The Coronavirus impact on gaming
59:51 Dan Houser is leaving Rockstar Games
69:09 Bonus Round (NSFW) - Blizzard's complete disregard for Warcraft 3 Reforged

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