Episode 29 "P***y Power"

Season 2, Episode 6,   Feb 11, 2020, 05:39 PM

Today's Episode is our official Girl Power episode, so we had our good friend of the show SIlver Join us for some laughs and fun. enjoy. #DC #Marvel #Disney+ #Birdsofprey #Projectbluebook #TheMagicians #HBO #CBS #Anime #Funimation #Crunchyroll #DemonSlayer #Gundam #Ninjaplease #Badupussy #TheOscars #Fenti #Victoriassecret #Blerd #Geek #Comics #Georgia #Power #Doctorwho #BBC

Ninja Please Podcast 

Welcome to another edition of the ninja please podcast, Today we have the return of a very special guest and friend of the show, my good friend, twin, con partner in crime; THE Scarlet haired Magical Girl SILVER !!! joins us everything Blerd, Geek and Fun. 

(00:08:15) -  Silver and Makyo- Metal took time out this week to go and see DC’s latest blockbuster,
 “Birds of Prey: The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quin”. Staring and produced by the Beautiful and Talented Margot Robbie. The duo gives us a very awesome Spoiler Free Review. Tune in, and check it out or feel free to skip to the next segment if you’re not feeling risky. 

(00:24:22)  - The Ninjas discuss some tweets and what should have been a tough debate turns into a cakewalk. Later in this discussion, Yuki asks What Gundam Universe would you rather live in. 

(00:34:30)  - An Article by The UK’s popular news outlet THE INDEPENDENT reports that EU Parliament, votes to force all phones to use the same charger. The motion passed 528 votes to 10, but sources say that the implementation may be difficult and no word has been given as to when the law would go into effect. 

 Black goes on to report a recent case of misconduct and ethics violations that forced The GA State Patrol to dismiss approx 30 state troupers who recently “completed” training at the academy. 

In other Georgia news, Yuki: The golden Kurama aka Tamaki Black reports that a $50-100 Million studio could be on its way to Stone crest, GA. This would be the nation's largest animation studio and also the first Black-owned studio in the nation. 

(00:42:00)  In other Black news, A young black entrepreneur Charles McGregor, from Minnesota has just inked a deal with Xbox to become the state's first black-owned independent gaming company. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

We also give an update on the blade runner anime. This is not to be confused with the 15 OVA that was released in 2017. The rumor goes on to suggest that the anime may coincide with the official year in which Blade Runner takes place in (2022). 

 Streetfighter Assassins Fist will not be releasing a sequel or an addition series as per the creator's Facebook page. 

Winter 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the Anime that cemented Yuki and Silver’s friendship The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 

(00:54:16)  - 
During this past week's Super Bowl many have complained about the lack of great commercials, but Marvel took this as an opportunity to shine, as they released a new TV Ad for their streaming service Disney +, the commercial includes new footage of their upcoming releases.
  • Wanda Vision* December, 
  • Falcon & Winter Soldier *August,
  • The Mandalorian *October. 
All set to release on Late 2020. 

We take this opportunity to speculate what this means for the MCU. We also note that this will be the first set of series linked to the Movies, more specifically Doctor Strange 2: The Multiverse of Madness, including the recent rumor of Evil Dead Director, Sam Rami joining the MCU.
Furthermore, Rick and Morty's writer has been hired to rework the script for the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. 

(01:05:22) - Back from the break the Slim stops by to chat with the Ninjas to reminisce over some of our favorite Loony Tunes cartoons. 
We also discuss more new involving Apple and a recent fine of$25 mill Euro,  they were given for allegedly slowing down older phones in order to incentivize the purchase of later models.  

(01:14:27)  - 
History Channel’s hit series, Project Blue Book is back and while we were about 3 episodes behind, Makyo and Yuki have caught up and can’t wait to discuss, but before that, we chat about a story involving radio signals that NASA has been picking up lately. 
Also in this segment, Silver introduces us to a series of books called The Illuminae Files. 

Silver who is one of the top Doctor Who correspondents in America, unfortunately, has been unable to catch up on this current season, with this in mind we respectfully gloss over this week's Doctor Who segment with little to no detail because of … Spoilers…. :( Sorry. 

(01:24:43)  - The Oscars Aired Sunday, February 9th, prior to the release of this episode which allows us to predict and speculate as to who will win what. Silver guides us along in this Oscar filled segment. Who was right? who was wrong ? find out now. Hint hint Silver Called it 

(01:41:00)  - DC is set to introduce a new love interest and Gotham villain, called Punch Line to be The Joker’s new Partner in crime. 
  • DBZ Abridged has ended, 
  • Korean Manhwa Tower of GOD, is receiving the anime treatment. 

(01:44:28)  in sad depressing news, an Antarctic base has reported that tempters in FEBRUARY 2020 reached a historic record high of 64.9 Degrees F.
In strange yet sexy news Superstar spiritual songstress Erykah Badu is slated to release a brand of scented fragrances in her own “Vaginal Image” called Badu Pussy. This turns into a bit of a deep dive, stay tuned. 

Missy Eliot is joining Billy Porter in the new upcoming  Black Cinderella project.

Amazon may be in the market to purchase WWE? 

Before we get out of here for the day, you know we had to discuss this past week's episode of The Magicians.  SO here is it our Magicians recap. 
We also discuss Rhianna’s Fenti clothing line and the impact that it is having on Victoria’s Secret. 

the 2020 Tokyo Anime Awards happened and we have the scoop on all of the winners and a big congratulations to Demon Slayer for the big clean up. 
we also discuss the Final Season of Sailor Moon and the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal Movie. 
also, we Trash some Anime, Talk Vampires, CBS new app, Picard, and we discuss the upcoming season of Euphoria and Insecure, also we talk Chernobyl and we get Silvers Take on The Watchmen HBO series. 

Rounding off this week's show Makyo Metal gives up some Gaming news and release dates for the month of February. 

Thank you for tuning in!

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