Dia Bondi: Communications Coach, Accelerating Your Career, and How To Ask Like An Auctioneer

Feb 11, 2020, 09:25 PM
Dia Bondi is a secret weapon that many, if not all of us, need and can certainly learn from. She is a Communications Coach, a Speaker and Creator of: Ask Like An Auctioneer which is her way of combining the world of auctioneering and blending it into our everyday lives. Dia demonstrates how we can ask for more and get it.
I share my personal situation and Dia offers her perspective and insight. You really don't want to miss a thing she says-- it's all so eye-opening and pure gold. 

"Where are you being rational in making yourself small?" - Dia Bondi

"There are opportunities to make asks all over the place, and here’s the thing: the world wants to help you.... don’t just look to your boss— whoever the boss version is in your life— but also look around to your peers... be able to ask for help.” - Dia Bondi 

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