Episode 104: The Story of Xeomin with Dr. Jürgen Frevert, creator of Xeomin

Feb 12, 02:54 AM
Have you ever wondered how a toxin is invented? In this episode I got to interview the inventor of Xeomin, Dr. Jürgen Frevert. Dr. Frevert is an expert, a fighter for toxin purity, and a pioneer in aesthetics. Dr. Frevert was one of the first people to work with botulinum toxin and discovered a method of purifying it to give it 10 times less accessory junk proteins than brand name Botox. He is a fascinating character and his insights on the uses of xeomin, the properties of a great toxin and aesthetics in general are fascinating. Many patients have developed an immunity and/or resistance to brand name toxins like Botox or Dysport and I always look to Xeomin when a patient is dealing with these issues. Getting to meet Dr. Frevert was something I’d looked forward to for a while as a provider that uses Xeomin for a large portion of my patients on a daily basis. I truly stand behind this toxin and it was so fascinating to meet the man who started it all!

Dr. Frevert began his cooperation with Merz Pharmaceuticals during his time as a Project Manager for biochemical projects and forged a new development in the pure clostridium botulinum neurotoxin that is now known around the world as Xeomin. Xeomin was officially licensed to Merz Pharmaceuticals in 2005 for the treatment of cervical dystonia and with blepharospasm following in 2009. Dr. Frever is currently traveling the globe as a consultant for Merz Pharmaceuticals and educated physicians, PAs, nurses, and industry insiders on his prized-creation on a daily basis. 

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