Will Hassan Diab fix Lebanon?

Feb 12, 2020, 04:31 PM
Black range rovers and luxury vehicles slowly navigated through Beirut’s protest filled streets. Angry mobs hurled rocks and other debris at the occupants and Lebanon’s political leaders trying to block them from entering the now heavily fortified parliament. On February 11, twelve weeks after Hassan Diab was tasked with forming a new government, MPs gave his administration the vote of confidence. For nearly five months, mass protests have paralysed the country as people demand a new type of government that can work to fix the worst economic crisis in Lebanon’s history.

Host Willy Lowry talks to The National’s Beirut correspondent Sunniva Rose and Ghassan Moukhaiber, a lawyer and former Member of Parliament about the protests and how the newly formed government can move forward. We also hear from Imad Salamey, a professor of Political Science and International Affairs at the Lebanese American University and Sami Nadr, director of the Levant Institute for Strategic Affairs.