Four PLA hackers indicted in US. Brandon Weichert @WeTheBrandon

Feb 13, 03:57 AM
Image:  Attorney General William P. Barr Announces Indictment of Four Members of China’s Military for Hacking into Equifax. Here:  Emblem of the People's Liberation Army

Brandon Weichert, editor of the Weichert Report and a national security policy analyst specializing in emerging technology, in re:  Nine-count  indictment filed in Atlanta: four members of PLA hacked into Equifax and store massive data on millions of Americans.  PLA is sworn to fealty not to a nation but specifically to the Chinese Communist Party.   Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s govt has decided to let Huawei’s 5G network in to some extent to the UK [basic data transmission structure]. The US under this Administration has decided to prevent that. The Trump Adm is agitated over some matters related to China, which is stealing information like crazy. The president has proven that under some circumstances, he’ll pounce.