Mandate of Heaven 天命 withdrawn? @GordonGChang

Feb 13, 03:59 AM

C: Gordon Chang, in re: There are fresh doubt about Xi Jinping based on the withdrawal of the Mandate of Heaven, which depends on signs, such as a comet, or a good harvest, or victory in battle— or negative, such as stumbles win negotiations with Trump; and the Great Wall of Sand and he US Navy; and Taiwan’s electing Tsai Ing-wen; and the protests in HK; and the Xinjiang concentration camps for Uyghurs; and the ten-day hospitals built in Wuhan and Hong Kong: they have prison bars on the windows; and now Wuhan coronavirus, starting in 2019. Mandate of Heaven,  T’ian ming  天命,  gave signs that Heaven gave its mandate to the emperor.

Ma Tse-tung, the 1976 earthquake, caused Chinese people to think he had lost the mandate.  Several days ago, Xi appeared with a surgical mask to visit afflicted people in Beijing, not in Wuhan.   When the young physician died, people ran to their balconies and sang, ”Do you hear the people sing?” from Les Miserables.

T'ian hsia (  天下)   Mencius pointed out that "Heaven does not create people for the sake of the sovereign. Heaven made the sovereign for the sake of the people"