Pelosi outsourced to incompetents such as Nadler & Schiff . Victor Davis Hanson: @VDHanson

Feb 14, 03:40 AM
Image:  The GOP has a good week. Here:  Theodore Roosevelt leads his party to a landslide win in 1904

Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover, in re:  Pelosi had little choice but to go along with AOC and her crew; then Pelosi outsourced her future to incompetents such as Nadler and Schiff. Trump has had the best week of his presidency (and the Democrats one of their worst):  by Friday, the acquittal. The Democratic debate, with almost no one watching. New Hampshire; the leading Democratic contender is not a Democrat, not in favor of North American capitalism, is in weak health, has never had a job outside government, goes on and on about the charms of the Soviet Union. Fifty-fifty chance he could be the nominee.  If he has an opponent, the opponent would do well to say, “I’m a Democratic contender, not in a suicide pact.” Trump might pick up 30 per cent of the Latino vote, possibly 25 per cent of the Black vote.