Dems on suicide watch; Warren to impeach Barr? @ConradMBlack

Feb 14, 03:43 AM
Image:  Image:  Madwoman of Chaillot

Conrad Black, NRO & author; in re: Liz Warren and cohort are trying to impeach AG Bill Barr.  Biden has collapsed but Sanders hasn't [gained enough purchase].  Buttigieg has no chance of winning.  Will Klobuchar become the stop-Bloomberg candidate and inherit some of Bernie’s vote; or will the Party have to choose between an overt Marxist and a fifty-billionaire?  Bernie’s come back from a coronary; doesn't disguise his convictions. Michael Bloomberg is quite able and nice, but is a convert to Democrats—and no one has ever bought votes on this scale; he’s prepared to spend $2 billion. Piketty—an imposter, a charlatan and a crackpot.  He’s on the front page of the Financial Times, of course.  Will Bloomberg come out for a wealth tax?  Liz Warren and cohort are trying to impeach AG Bill Barr: are the Democrats capable of going down that road again?  No, I don't think so. The Dems are sometimes on suicide watch, but I don’t think they’ll go that far. Mr Durham of Connecticut will present his report between now and summer.   (Sanders vs The Democrats.  America tempted by the Left?)