Uzbekistan goes to market; hastening to IPOs in Q3. Atabek Nazirov #Uzbekistan

Feb 14, 03:44 AM
Image:  Host converses with Atabek Nazirov, Director of Capital Markets of Uzbekistan.

Atabek Nazirov, Director, Capital Markets of Uzbekistan [Capital Markets Development Agency = the Uzbek SEC]; in re:  Uzbekistan goes to market. Planning for the state-owned enterprises to go private in the near future, starting with banks and insurance companies.  Washington has committed to help Uzbekistan develop capital markets, including the SEC and Treasury and Commerce Departments.  We’re improving our legal system in this realm.  We want to raise at least 10% of GDP, being $5 billion, in the next few years. First IPO, which we want to do yesterday, will probably be in place by Q3 of this year.