Bernie’s the one @SebGorka

Feb 14, 04:49 AM
Image:  Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, advocates for a specific dictatorship, that of the proletariat.

Sebastian Gorka, America First radio; in re: As the child of someone who fled the Soviet Union, it’s hard for me to understand why Americans are ready to embrace a Socialist/Communist.

There’s something inherently deeply corrupt in the way the DNC selects candidates.  The company that created the app—“Shadow”—is owned by Clintonistas. Buttigieg: he’s a Rudolph Valentino heartthrob but in no way credible.  Liz Warren, Mass Senator, demands the impeachment of William Barr; this is the rhetoric of someone who understands that her candidacy is troubled.  Biden campaign is a dead man walking; and rule out Warren.  How much love can Bloomberg buy with his billions?

A journalist asked, “Will we see two billionaires fighting for the presidency?”  “Who’s the other one?” responded Bloomberg.