Trevaline Evans

Feb 16, 10:58 AM
It is our 100th episode this week and I have been taking listener suggestions for the case we should cover. The disappearance of Trevaline Evans has been suggested to me many times. On Saturday the 16th of June 1990, 52 year old Trevaline left her shop, Attic Antiques, in Llangollen and left a note in the window 'Be back in two minutes.' Sadly the shop never reopened and Trevaline has never been seen since. There were many sightings of her that day and the days prior but what happened to her has never been discovered. There have been developments as recently as last year in her case so there is some hope that we may find out what happened to her however we are still asking where is Trevaline Evans?

Important information provided by: Crimewatch reconstruction September 1990

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