China in Q1: zero growth; 90% of Americans say they're happy @LizPeek

Feb 19, 03:22 AM
Image:  Burning tons of ren min bi against Covid-19?

The National Economic Report, sponsored by
Elizabeth Peek, Fox News & Fox Business, and TheHill, in re:  Apple is 5% of the S&P, so I thought because of Covid-19 the market would go down 400 points — but it was barely affected. China’s economy in Q1 will probably have zero growth; and if you throw in Hong Kong, China is really in trouble.

Regime said it will round up many RMB bank notes in Wuhan and burn them. 

Ninety per cent of Americans are happy with their personal life, incl financial. Homebuilders are working at full steam. The coronavirus is a hiccup.  The Chinese nontransparent tyranny.  The US economy has become over-reliant on a nontransparent and unpredictable regime. Currently, this is an unexpected result of the Trump Administration’s challenge to the secrecy and overt theft of the regime. It's reckless to buy iPhones from a man who’s brutalizing his own people. It was so overdue—America’s corporate leaders were turning a blind eye to all the misdeeds, the massive theft and illegality and immorality. Companies that were inching toward expanding their supply chains are now racing for the exits.  . . .  A profound change for China and a very, very welcome change for the US. Similar to Europe’s becoming wholly dependent on Russian gas when Moscow openly shut gas off for retribution.

The hospitals supposed to have been built in one week in Wuhan: the windows have bars on them—because the hospitals copy the Xinjiang concentration camps.  And the roofs leak!

China under Xi Jinping is a criminal enterprise on so may rfonts.  It's their army doing the hacking.