#93 | Luna (Luke Daly/Nathan Fagan) | Directors

Feb 19, 05:29 PM
On todays Episode of Fni Wrapchat are Co-Directors Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan.
As directors (Luna Directing Duo), They specialise in crafting engaging, cinematic narratives.
Whether directing short films, commercials, or music videos, their goal remains the same, to tell arresting stories, grounded in realism, with a focus on under-explored themes and characters.
Their Short Film 'Flicker', Screens at this years Virgin Media Dublin International film Festival at Virgin Media DIFF Shorts #3, 3 Mar 2020. Light House Cinema

In the aftermath of a violent assault, twenty something Danny struggles to accept the full extent of his injuries.
Director: Nathan Fagan, Luke Daly / 20 mins Producer: Aaron McEnaney
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