VIM#12: Mind Over Body - Transform Your Body. No Exercise! No Diet! (weight loss Part 3)

Feb 21, 06:57 PM
Hear what we, the Lisa’s, have been up to this week as far as cool manifestations related to… gambling and yoga!? Plus, you understand the concepts of visualization for weight loss but Lisa wants to drive it home even further about the power your mind has on your body’s physiology.  Touching on well known mainstream proof such as the placebo effect and the lemon test, to a study showing differing glucose levels in a woman with multiple personality disorder, and a hunger hormone milkshake experiment from Yale University’s Dr. Alia Crum PHD.  Lisa walks us through her easy and effective weight-loss “Mind Over Body™️” worksheet she’s created!  Message us to get your own copy to start visualizing your way to the body of your dreams.

Weight loss 
Science of mind over matter (body)
Mind Body Connection

The Gabriel Method
Alia Crum
Study about writing stressful situation:

(CORRECTION: the ESP app game is not “through Jess Lively” but rather we heard of it through her podcast)

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