Episode 169 - Sonic Booms

Feb 21, 07:12 AM

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast returns, and this time, we're focusing a lot on the movies! Why is that? Because Sonic The Hedgehog movie has come out, and as both Tyler and Will are in love with it! And they have a lot to say about it. But before that, the guys talk about the games they have been playing. Todd has been playing Shield and Heroes, but some things about it recently has tripped his trigger, but what? Then, Tyler talks about his time with the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Cindered Shadows. What was his thoughts on it? Does the story hold up? What about the new characters? And Will has honestly been in a gaming bind, find out why here! Then, in the news, there has been a new game-specific Nintendo Direct about Animal Crossing New Horizons! Sonic The Hedgehog has become the #1 movie in the world. Super Smash Bros Ultimate may not get anymore DLC, and more! Then, in the main event, the guys talk video game movies and what could be the next big hit if done right! So sit b...

Todd, Tyler and Will discuss Sonic the Hedgehog and the future of video game movies!