Luton's Hardest Man In 2019 - with special guest Sean Ingle

Season 1, Episode 4,  Feb 21, 2020, 05:33 PM

Chris is on holiday, so Jon and Phil get chatting to Guardian Chief Sports Reporter Sean Ingle instead.

Chris is on holiday, and the contract states that there must be at least three people on each episode, so Jon and Phil rope in The Guardian's Chief Sports Correspondent and club chess player Sean Ingle! He talks about his life in chess and journalism, and also gives Jon a game.

0:00 Intro
0:27 The hardest man in Luton
1:10 Jon Mackenzie vs Sean Ingle chess game (
1:39 Does Sean like the idea of a chess podcast?
2:19 Leeds United
4:51 Sean's early chess history
6:11 Sporting commentaries and Sean's current work
7:06 How did Sean get into sports journalism?
9:45 Sean's family history in boxing
12:05 Sports 'assistance'
19:25 Individual vs team sport
20:57 Sean at university
23:18 Lennox Lewis and Steve Davis
24:57 Magnus Carlsen playing 5-a-side
29:11 Hull City in the mid-1990s
30:57 Carlsen vs Caruana in The Guardian and other media
46:27 Chess as an e-sport
49:27 Jon and Sean finish their game