Episode 242 - Simon Doom (Spiral Heads, MGMT, Thulsa Doom)

Feb 21, 09:14 PM
Get ready! This week on the show Damian is joined by Spiral Heads & MGMT member, the great SIMON DOOM! Sit in as they discuss coming of age in the not so great era of NY punk & how that set him on the path for the rest of his life. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Also Touched On:

Nirvana as the gateway band

Getting a Sub Pop comp and hearing the Dwarves’ “Drug Store”

Parents meeting in Jessie Michaels’ dad’s class

Bobcat Goldthwait, Chokebore Butthole Suffers and Nirvana 

The loss of Kurt Cobain impacts a young kid

buying bootleg Nirvana tapes off Merle Allin

Drawing Lars’ tattoos on yourself and fooling Merle

reading punk jackets

Making a fake ID to get into CBGB’s

“Are you a spy of something?” - cops find your fake ID

“12 year old boy looking for band members” a personal ad 

Spider sends a picture of him puking

becoming friends with the skinhead goes terribly wrong 

Social Disease

The Murder Junkies were a terrifying gang without a messiah 

Adults beefing with kids

Thulsa Doom

The grimy shityness of punk can be exhausting

if it didn’t have the D-BEAT, i didn’t like it

“This isn’t a metal venue!” Dave It Up and Stuart Schrader’s opinion mattered

going indie