Live Tattoo Session With Desi

Feb 25, 2020, 01:26 PM
My sound clips went a little haywire this episode and I saved it without realizing it. So some may seem out of place, and they are, but luckily not many. Episode was fun recording but also so distracting. Thank you so much to Desiree Bettencourt for this beautiful piece of work and for allowing me to interview her as she was tattooing me.
   Special shout out to Roulette Delgato for his music and allowing me to share it on my podcast. I hope to share more of his music because the man is talented as hell. Also Ryan Reed for allowing me to share his new music Tornado. The whole HafLife Entertainment label has been so great. Karmaria just did an interview and releasing her first album this year!! Shes also in the semi-finals for Miss Jetset 2020 and if she wins, she is putting the prize money into 3 different communities to have better mental health resources. Please vote for her