Episode 9: Laura Try - From the Salon to the Sea

Feb 26, 2020, 06:00 AM
Episode 9: Laura Try - From The Salon To The Sea
Laura was a young successful business owner with everything she wanted, or so she thought. Laura made a few life changing decisions that saw her sell her business and go from the world of beauty to being makeup-less and covered in mud most weekends.
From running, to rowing the Atlantic, Laura is truly an inspiration.

Show notes:
- Owning a beauty salon
- From Buying to selling
- Fit enough to run ‘To the bridge & back’?
- Obstacle, fell & marathon running
- From running to rowing the Atlantic
- Humans are built to survive, hunt, gather, find, discover & thrive
- Fundraising to row the Atlantic
- Rowing around Great Britain
- Could beauty salon Laura do a 24 hour adventure race?
- Beauty Salon Laura versus Weekend Warrior Laura
- Finding an Atlantic team
- From being a successful business owner to finding a new purpose & the risks involved
- Finding an Atlantic team
- Rowing from La Gomera to Antigua (43 days in the Ocean!)
- “We saw a whale”
- Rowing partner Kate, Chase & Status and a ‘power hour’
- Plans for exploring the UK

Episode web links:
- https://lauratry.com/
- https://www.instagram.com/lauratryuk/?hl=en
- https://twitter.com/lauratryuk?lang=en

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