ShapeShifters, Promoverload & Skilling with Kazooie #W23

Feb 26, 08:35 PM
Skilling legend Kazooie94, Ex-Roma Pro Rannerz and rising FUT YouTube star CaniSports join Ben to discuss:

- Picks from a fascinating ShapeShifters Team 1
- SBC Kimmich review
- SBC Olaza and Mkhi thoughts
- Are we being overwhelmed by content?
- Kazooie & Rannerz talk us through some of the most effective and fun skills

Plus in the supporter's Extra Time podcast:
- ShapeShifter Acuna review
- How to pressure your opponent
- Formations that help to press and beat players 1 on 1
- Our formations (and why!)
- Competitive a problem for FUT?
- Restructuring the Weekend League