Eric Zane Show Podcast Ep 294 The World's Worst Child

Feb 26, 03:57 PM
*Pain in the ass kids at the "Y."
*I touch just a bit on the latest democratic debate.
*CDC says "not 'if,' but 'when' " regarding coronavirus
vaccine for corona virus is here.
*My daughter, Jackie has to go under the knife again.
*Unbelievable hospital surgery
*You're going to hate the story of this
idiot kid.  He's going to make you want to kick his ass.
*Dear Meathead
*Shocking revelation in the saga of Michigan psycho accused of killing dude and
eating his balls.
road rage incident discussed
update on the baseball coach fired for swearing.

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Come hang out at the West Michigan Ironmen (Arena football) opener on Friday, March 6 at Mercy Health Arena (formerly LC Walker Arena) in Muskegon.  Tickets here.  I am proud to be the PA Announcer for the games.

Save the date:  Saturday, May 9 - A Veteran Helping Veteran - Veteran and 1st Responder Festival.

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