In conversation with... Joe Moynihan, Jersey Finance

Mar 03, 2020, 11:00 AM
This week, Unquote introduces a new podcast format for our listeners. Our "In conversation with..." series will periodically bring you more in-depth interviews with players from various corners of the industry.

The inaugural episode in this format is brought to you by Jersey Finance. Funded by members of the local finance industry and the Government of Jersey, the not-for-profit organisation works to represent the interest of its 160 member firms, encourage best practice and help the local industry develop.

With a career that spans 40 years and that included working for a major Irish bank around the financial crisis, Joe Moynihan became the CEO of Jersey Finance in February last year. As Joe was passing by in London, we took the opportunity to bring him in studio and get his take on how Jersey is positioned as a domicile for PE funds, as the clock is now ticking towards the definition of a new relationship between the UK and the EU.

We'll be back before long with more episodes in our regular panel format too, so stay tuned by subscribing to the podcast and get notified of every new episode.

Note: this episode was recorded prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, which Joe couldn't therefore address in his comments about future market developments

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