Every Indian's Checklist: How to protect yourself from Cyber Crimes ?

Feb 29, 06:19 AM
What would you do if you got an email with your Gmail or Facebook password, saying that your email account, your mobile phone and laptop, including your front camera have been hacked, and that your sensitive information will be leaked if you don’t give them huge sum of money? Would you delete that email, or send them the money or take it up legally? If you think, ha, I’d not give them money, think again. 

Cyberspace has enabled people to take the crimes from a brick and mortar level their phones, laptops and the internet. It breaks geographical and legal barriers and often happens in minutes. Most of us panic and delete proof of such threats or frauds. The best of us, fall for it. In this episode of Every Indian’s Checklist, we have Ritesh Bhatia, a cyber crime investigator and Vaishali Bhagwat, a cyber crime advocate with us, to take us through the things we should always keep in mind to report cyber crimes to the cops.