How Did Fake News Affect The Violence in Northeast Delhi?

Episode 391
Mar 03, 2020, 01:58 PM

47 people were killed, over 200 injured, and dozens of homes looted and ransacked in the capital between 23 and 26 February. 

Tensions in the capital have hardly been higher, with many muslims being the subjects of targeted attacks. Now in the midst of all this….imagine you see an image pop up on your social media feed. A photo of a man serving Biryani with a caption that reads:
'Biryani is cooked in separate vessels for Muslims and Hindus. The Biryani for Hindus is laced with tablets that makes one impotent. Restaurant in Coimbatore called Masha Allah of Rehman Bismillah was caught selling such Biryani. Beware! They’re getting at you in every possible way.'
Or another – a video of a murder victim from West Bengal with a caption that claims it was a result of communal violence in Delhi…
How would you react?
Well, these were just two stories from a barrage of fake news that’s been doing the rounds before, during and after the violence in Delhi. 
In all this fake news, a lot of real news also gets lost or called fake. So today, we’re joined by the head of The Quint’s WebQoof Initiative, Kritika Goel.

Guest: Kritika Goel, Head, WebQoof

Host and Producer: Vishnu Gopinath

Editor: Shelly Walia

In case you missed our previous episodes on busting fake news, WebQoof is The Quint’s fact-checking initiative.

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