Episode 32 "Not #Metoo"

Season 2, Episode 9,  Mar 03, 2020, 08:12 PM

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Welcome to another edition of the Ninja Please Podcast. 

Its been a long week with many stories to get to, so I won’t waste time. First up Starman aka Yuki had a #Metoo filled week. Having just seen “Room” Staring Brie Larson we give a light spoiler review. As a direct follow-up, Fox Blac takes a dive into the latest incarnation of “The Invisible Man” starring “A handmaid’s tale” famed actress Elsbeth Moss. @ (00:24:00) - Spoiler-free review. 

28:00 - Bayonetta VS Dante (Devil May Cry) who wins? 
Also 10th-anniversary Edition of Bayonetta Now on Sale* (This is not an ad) 
Sis and Yuki school Makyo on “A Handmaid’s Tale” .

(00:36:00) - Headline News and More.
Disney CEO Bob Iger is stepping down. This is troubling news, especially when you consider the rumored shut down of DC’s Publishing division. Rumor has it that the Warner Brother’s owned publishing wing may be up for sale in the near future depending on the outcome of Company head AT&T’s bottom line.

@ (00:43:00)
Tom Hollard has had an exciting week to end off the month of February. In an interview with MTV, the Famed Spiderman actor dished out many details into his future plans at Sony and a few tidbits of the Sony/Marvel deal struck in late 2019. 

Yuki Shotguns the news.
Silver reports that a B2TF remake is unlikely because the owner isn’t on board with reboots. 

Years after acquiring Super Soaker NERF is finally set to re-release some of the beloved original water guns exclusively at Target this summer. 
Milan is set to arrive in theaters soon, but with news that Li Shang will not be in the film, may fans of the animated tale chime in to ask why? we searched through the internet and with assistance from Silver we believe we have found the cause… stay tuned. 

we also discuss the failed Lizzy McGwire reboot and Danie Ratcliff’s later films Guns Akimbo 

(01:09:00) = R.I.P to Katherine Johnson and Kazuhisa Hashimoto 

 Spawn reboot finds finical backing after brief Crowdsourcing attempt. 

Hulu’s Hellstorm visuals leak online. 

American Horror story has added Home Alone star, Macaulay Culkin, to its cast for the 2020 season. 

(01:20:00) Things get a bit deep as we circle back to social politics in the creative world. 

Break (01:25:28)
 Back from break, we decide to have a bit more of a candid conversation rather than just run through headlines. A lot gets discussed in this segment and it's honestly too much to list, so sit back and enjoy. 

As an Anime fan, our worst fears may be the discovery of the seethed dark nature of Anime being discovered by Normies. Even worse a politician, well Australia’s parliament in on the verge of erupting due to this fear, Yuki reports.. 

Makyo is the proud father of a spaceship hatchling, Video game news and more in this segment.

you know we can’t leave without our weekly Magicians wrap up and breakdown. Will Eliot slay the dark king? will Margo redeem herself, Julia…. pregnant… AGAIN!? this and more.

we discuss LOVE Death & Robots and what we can anticipate from season 2. Yuki talks Jackie Chan’s 2017 film the Foreigner and tops it all off with some Doctor Who. 

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