Sarah Farris: Emotional Intelligence and Energy Expert; Building Confidence, Relationships, and Careers Through Energy Work; Alongside My Own Energetic Reading

Season 2, Episode 21,  Mar 04, 2020, 02:33 AM

One of the major first steps in building up our confidence is understanding and regulating our emotions, and Emotional Intelligence & Energy Expert, Sarah Farris, provides the tools and insight we need to help us move in the direction of full bloom confidence. 
We also talk about dating/relationships… and even my own love-life! We also discuss the moving pieces in careers and how to listen to what we actually want. Each section— Confidence, Dating/Relationships, and Career— is followed by an energetic reading, by Sarah, on Me. 

"Focus on: ‘who am I?’ ‘what am I already bringing to the table?’ and 'how can I leverage that instead of just focusing on who I’m not, or what I don’t have.'" -- Sarah Farris

"The moments when we really allow ourselves to fully accept who we are, that’s when we’re really able to connect with our innate power. And as a result, shine so much confidence on that." -- Sarah Farris 

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