Why You Need to Invest in Yourself to Grow Your Business with Kristin Hartjes

Mar 04, 08:01 AM
It’s hard to rationalize spending money on yourself when you’re first starting your business.  But think of it this way, if you’re not willing to put money towards yourself, what makes you think potential clients will?
In today’s 360 Health Biz Podcast episode, we have a special guest, Kristin Hartjes. Kristin started out in chiropractic school but found more interest in functional medicine. When she finished school started out in brick and mortar, coach women around emotional eating and body image. As she grew her business she eventually shifted to focus more online and mentoring other health coaches in their businesses. 
Through this process, she discovered just how much mindset and investing in yourself helps you grow as an business owner and grow your business. The mindsets we particularly dived into are imposter syndrome, self-doubt and struggles with perfectionism.

Kristin is a holistic doctor, transformational coach and business mentor. She helps new coaches overcome feelings of self-doubt, perfectionism and overwhelm so they can take courageous action in their businesses and their lives. Through practical business strategy and critical inner work, she empowers her clients to create a thriving online business so they can have the freedom they're dreaming of.
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