VIM#13: "Ask and It Is Given" Abraham-Hicks Processes You Can Use in Your Every Day Overwhelm

Mar 04, 07:19 PM
Overwhelmed with stress and things to get done? Have you been looking for some inspiration or ways to deal with it? We’ve got some great ideas for you to check out, including a few how-to’s for applying Abraham-Hick’s teachings.  In this episode, Lisa shares with us how she’s used two of the processes from the Abraham-Hick’s book, “Ask and It Is Given”.  She walks us through some great, practical examples that you can start using today. Get into a higher vibe (in mind!) and watch the magic start unfolding in your life experience.

Process- turning it over to the manager, 
Process - focus wheel,
Embracing your lows,

Ask And It Is Given book,
Documentary “Heal”,
Butterfly Wings story ,

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