Dabbing is Good for Pandemics

Mar 05, 2020, 07:20 PM

Jon reinvents pawns, Chris revisits the years 1862 and 2000, and Phil narrowly escapes his car being scrapped.

Faced with not being able to get into the studio to give the fans what they want, the guys scale the building to reach the top floor and pump out an episode containing the normal nonsense. Jon sings a bit and also gets accused of fancying an animated pig.

0:00 Cold open: Reaching the top floor
0:45 Intro
1:26 Phil doesn't have a quiz answer or indeed another quiz
3:01 Chess in the time of coronavirus
11:01 Sweet Caroline
12:10 Coordinated drinking
12:31 Sam Shankland's new book and dreams about Mike Basman
18:32 Stolen exhaust pipes
22:36 Sportsmanship
33:29 Christory (Tarrasch) and Our Friend Rick
39:26 Jon has a stupid question
43:02 Phil doesn't have a quiz answer