Until You Fall Fantasy Sword Fighting VR Game is amazing - PAX East 2020 Interview

Mar 05, 07:37 PM
While at PAX East 2020, in the Indie Megabooth no less, I encountered a fantasy sword fighting game that takes place solely in VR. That game being Until You Fall, which features fantastic graphics, interesting gameplay and I simply couldn't pass it by. Thankfully, the fine folks who were showing off the game. Jill Sciulli and Dave Bennett Schell,  were more than happy to let me try the game for myself. While doing so, I found myself being engaged with how well put together the game is. Not to mention that this is still in development and is available as an early access title. Afterward, Dave took some time to speak to me regarding Until You Fall and Schell Games' PAX East 2020 experience, the future of VR headsets and more.

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