Globalization, and US steps to recover from it. Victor Davis Hanson: @VDHanson

Mar 06, 03:10 AM
Image: This photo from a 1921 encyclopedia shows a tractor plowing a crop field.

Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover, in re: Globalization: a good thing?  Microsoft, FB, Google, Apple, and the banks that have lent them money, all have much prospered. However, think of the fact that 80% of the pharmaceuticals in the US have come from China, totalitarian, dictatorial regime, and to this day we don't know the origin of the virus.  Am currently on the Stanford campus, where people who work in the successful companies are returning to the vans and cars in which they have to live because their salaries are tiny. All over the world, people don’t have adequate sanitary conditions, or enough to live on.

Economic nationalism: if we had the manufacturing capability. We could maintain our GDP. After the virus, do we revert to our previous dependence? I think not.  We need to have a certain percentage here at home.

As for the Straits of Hormuz, Americans won't go die to give the Europeans an open seaway. Nationalism did not cause WWI; it was German [aggression].  “Nationalism” actually means patriotism. We’ve probably been dealing with this virus for a few months and didn't realize it; meaning, we can survive it.