Episode 171 - Back To The Future

Mar 06, 04:46 AM

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here, and the guys won't let a slow week of news stop them from talking about Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch, and more! First up, the guys talk about their gaming exploits. Todd discusses his experience at C2E2 and what his favorite Nintendo cosplays he saw were. Will has been playing a lot of demos across many different platforms (including the beloved Final Fantasy VII Remake demo), and finally, Tyler has continued his trek through Three House, and he's not buying the Edelgard hype! Then, in the news, the guys discuss the news that they have found. Sakurai isn't taking care of his health (GET BETTER SAKURAI!!!!), Platinum Games has given updates for the Wonderful 101 Remaster and Bayonetta 3, Miyamoto reveals that Nintendo almost didn't put Mario into Smash Bros, Luigi's Mansion 3 gets its first DLC, and more! Finally, the guys jump to the future to talk about the first three years of the Switch and how it has impacted the industry...or at leas...

Todd, Tyler and Will talk the three year anniversary of the Switch!