PC Episode 18 The Same Hell

Mar 09, 2020, 03:30 PM
Whoa, the politically world is crazy, so let's break it down!  We cover all the essentials: Super Tuesday results, Weekend at Bernie's, Uncle Grandpa Joe, Lobbies and Closets, Snap Krackle Poop, Butt Beards, Cat Lobotomies, Non-non-violent solutions, and Lisa politically corrects Joe.  We also say goodbye to some of our favorite people: Comrade Klobuchar, Peter Booty Judge, Tom Stay-urrr, Bloomsy, and Elizabeth Warren (we never could settle on a good nickname for her, and I guess now we don't have to).  Oh, and Gary's here, too! Let's get in the hand basket together... we are on our way.
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