Nationwide CAA protests led by women are an antithesis to Hindutva politics - Neha Dixit

Mar 08, 05:56 AM
The ongoing anti-CAA protests taking place in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi has largely been led by Muslim women from the area. Many others have also joined this sit-in protest where women through slogans, protest poetry and speeches are expressing their dissent on the amended law. The Shaheen Bagh protests have also inspired similar sit-ins in the city and across the nation. Their resolve unshaken and unbroken, the women of India have come out in an unprecedented manner onto the streets against CAA-NRC-NPR. 

In an atmosphere where women activists are not being spared and fears of fascism on the rise are no longer unfounded, The Suno India Show reached out to Neha Dixit, an award-winning investigative journalist on why the women's representation on street is important, why feminist movements are also anti-fascist movements. Neha also tells us what she saw in Delhi post the horrific communal violence that rocked the city leaving over 50 dead and more than 400 injured.