Insurance: How much do we need it?

Mar 09, 2020, 01:24 PM
Protecting yourself, your family and your personal belongings with insurance should be part of a comprehensive financial plan. But many residents in the UAE don’t bother to take out protection with some paying the price for having no cover further down the line. While some insurance cover is mandatory in the Emirates, such as car and health insurance, other protection is optional such as travel, home contents and life insurance. So what insurance should we actually have in place? How much should we expect to pay to protect ourselves and our possessions? And what cover do we need to protect us during the coronavirus outbreak?

Host Alice Haine, the personal finance editor of The National is joined by Willy Lowry, a multimedia producer at The National who admits to knowing very little about insurance. She is also joined later in the show by Jonathan Rawling, the chief financial officer of yallacompare, who is an expert on the insurance industry.