$700K Shopify Dropshipping Products Testing Strategy with Facebook Ads

Episode 25,   Mar 09, 2020, 08:00 PM

Welcome to eCommerce Scaling Secrets! Here I, Alex Fedotoff, share with you valuable knowledge I’ve gained throughout spending millions of $$ on online advertising.

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I’ve recently posted this interview on YouTube and everyone got CRAZY about it! 
So, I’m sharing this  with you today as well!

Please, welcome Chris Wane! A man who seems like have just started but has already made $700K and is not showing any signs of stopping

With Chris, we discuss:
  • Overcome 5 failed attempts to launch a product
  • Find one major product to scale
  • Mistakes to NOT repeat
  • BEST Shopify themes

The rest? The rest is below! Enjoy, guys!
Wish you all get the same and even higher results with your online businesses! 

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