Episode 244 - Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Society Ills)

Mar 10, 2020, 07:36 AM
THIS IS A HUGE ONE! Bassgod Mike Watt joins Damian for a NOT TO BE MISSED conversation about all things punk & hardcore! Listen in as the two discuss Reactionaries, Minutemen, The Stooges & everyone in between. Plus, Damian nerds out about his road map into punk: "Ballhog Or Tugboat" on it's 25th anniversary with the cartographer himself! 
Did we mention this is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also Touched On:

We are all on the same team

No Watt No Damian

Readin’ in Creem

Lang Bang’s Cousin Lester

Meeting Nicky Beat

“We didn’t where bell bottoms”

Talking to Joey Shithead and Billy Bragg

The Vaudeville side of punk

“Ig said to Ronnie” being the little brother in the Stooges

Going to see the Stooges at the Whiskey

“I thought New Wave was a film movement in France”

“What’s the Alternative to music? Silence!?!”

“There was no guy on the back of the Circle Jerks record to try to dress up as!”

People LOVED Tull and hated the Stooges

“Ig had a weird gig where Ronny Beat his ass with a whip”

“At first D.Boon wouldn’t make a punk band with me”

“We jammed ‘I Wanna Be You Dog’ for 3 and a half hour”

The Reactionaries 

Playing with The Suburban Lawns

“The Bass King Of Outer Space”

The Minutemen were radical in music and organization

Hey Taxi! Georgies other band