In conversation with… Matthew Hardcastle, DealCloud

Mar 10, 10:08 AM
Welcome back for another episode of our "In conversation with..." series, which will periodically bring you more in-depth interviews with players from various corners of the industry.

This week's episode is brought to you by DealCloud – a data-powered platform built specifically for the capital markets, providing unified deal, relationship, fund and compliance management solutions.

Matthew Hardcastle joined DealCloud in July as client development director; but many of our listeners will be more familiar with him in his previous life as assistant director at Inflexion Private Equity. Having joined the mid-cap GP in 2014, he worked on deal sourcing and execution, strategic consulting and post-deal value creation.

Drawing from his experience at Inflexion and recent work with DealCloud, Matthew stopped by to discuss how GPs can best leverage technology to streamline dozens of processes and ultimately unlock considerable value, how AI-driven data analysis is closer than we may imagine, the LP demands driving the push for more tech adoption, and more.

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