Judgement Day With No Fans? - Pre-Fulham Podcast From the Pub

Mar 12, 03:00 AM
Brentford are due to travel to Craven Cottage on Friday for the big West London Derby. Or are they? With the coronavirus scare hitting pandemic levels, the word on the Beesotted streets made the crew question whether the match would take place this weekend. 

The Beesotted crew assembled in enemy territory - The Distillers Pub in Hammersmith (on the border of Fulham) - to discuss The Sheffield Wednesday trouncing. How coronavirus is likely to affect the football league over the next few months. Plus Fulham fan Abdul joined us in the pub to discuss all things Fulham and Benrahma’s winking.

In the pub

Billy TheBee Grant
Dave Laney Lane
Matt The Allard Allard
Dr Katie Bee Graham
Abdul from Fulham