Episode 95 - Cameron Weiss - Founder & CEO of Weiss Watch Company

Mar 13, 10:00 AM

Cameron Weiss launched Weiss Watch Company to restore prestige to American watchmaking. In his pursuit to tell stories of the great American watchmaking past, he turned to vintage gauges and aviation from which to pull design inspiration for his namesake brand in a thoroughly modern way. Each milestone of development - from the case construction and finishing to adding the hands to the timepiece - felt like a huge accomplishment. In the US, there are no off the shelf parts to compose a timepiece, so each step was a full engineering bottom to top process. I own a Weiss watch and am a huge fan of the brand and Cameron’s personal story. It was a privilege to go see him and record at his shop in California where he is now producing hundreds of Weiss Watches. He’s been on the cover of the LA Times, been featured in GQ and Weiss Watches are seen on the wrists of celebrities, athletes and collectors worldwide. He is a husband, father and esteemed craftsman.