Working from Home Without Losing Your Mind- 7 Hacks for Surviving Homebound Life

Mar 16, 05:30 PM
Let’s be honest- life is a little strange right now. We are experiencing what ‘social distancing’ means in a modern connected America. We are used to freedoms and mobility that might not be available to us at the moment. Many workers are working from home for the first time and experiencing all of the ups and downs of this new scenario. As someone who runs her business from anywhere with solid wifi, I have lived the good and the bad of homebound working while parenting two kids. I’d like to think that my insight can help you transition and make the most of this situation. So I’ve listed out some of the boundary setting, scheduling, and perceptions hacks that have helped me along the way.

When you are ready to laugh at the work from home lifestyle- read this. Warning: Crude Humor and Language, not a comic for the kids:

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